Arthanaad – 2017 old

Sound of Money

India is one of the most vibrant global economies today with a diversified financial sector that is undergoing rapid expansion, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms as well as new entities entering the market. The government also has consolidation plans ahead. With a number of policy-level as well technological changes having taken place recently, the Indian Financial system is due for a major over-haul.

That India’s Capital Markets are among the most developed and efficient in the world, is an accepted notion. With FII’s and domestic MF flows being at record highs and with sweeping ‘reforms’ announced by SEBI, India’s capital markets are the toast of the nation today. Going forward, investor protection and spreading financial literacy will be at the forefront of SEBI’s agenda and will manifest in stringent implementation of guidelines and measures.

Enhanced spending on infrastructure, speedy implementation of projects and continuation of reforms point towards a robust growth of India’s Banking sector. Additionally, advancements in technology have resulted in the Banking sector laying greater emphasis on providing enhanced services to their clients and also upgrading their technology infrastructure.

ARTHANAAD, the Finance forum of Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research recognizes the need to understand the wide-spread change that is taking place in the Indian Financial system and the impact that is likely to cause in future. A significant initiative towards that end is a conclave, “Arthanaad 2017: The Changing Financial Landscape in India” where a plethora of acknowledged industry experts will share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in the Capital Markets and the Banking sector.

The conclave, therefore, comprises two important themes:

  1. Capital Market: India’s Investment Outlook
  2. Banking Sector in India: Is Consolidation the way ahead?

Come and join us for a closer peek into what the future entails in the financial sector.