Induction 2018

Induction Report – 2018

Beginning  their  first  leg of the journey in the “ wonderland of management ”,  the junior batch of  MMS were welcomed with open hands and warmth to the institute by a number of forthcoming, enthusiastic senior students of MMS 2017-19 Batch.

The 120 students along with their parents were introduced to the philosophy of Chetana, the work of former President late Shri Madhukarrao Chaudhari, the vision of current management led by the secretary Shri Shirish Chaudhari.

The culture of openness to new ideas, exchange of thoughts and innovative practices adopted by CEO Dr. Madhumita Patil for overall development of the students has also been shared with the budding managers.

There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures. This is what is preached in our institute. To take on challenges with zero fear, never be afraid of failing, because only when you fall, you will rise, and while you do, you will always have the support of your professors at the institute who will guide you along the way making sure that you are the one leading it.

Taking the event forward, President Shri Shridatta Haldankar blessed the new batch with a bhajan.

Senior teaching faculty and the Director of the institute updated the students about the dos and donts, code of conduct, university norms and discipline to be followed.

Having the juniors aboard with the culture of the institute, they were then introduced to the staff that handles relevant activities in the office, library and the computer lab. The support staff who takes care of lecture arrangements were also introduced.

It was an indeed an enriching experience for the new batch of MMS 2018-20 which was very well organized and handled by their senior students




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