Reminiscence 2017

Reminiscence the desire to celebrate the time
When we had the best days of our lives,
The stage set to turn a page back together,
 rejoin with your batch mates and recreate the bond.


Chetana’s R. K. Institutes of Management & Research on 18th March, 2017 celebrated its Annual Alumni event known by the name “Reminiscence”. It is a day to retrieve memories for all Alumni’s. The history of hosting “Reminiscence’’ goes back to the year 2005, when it was eventually initiated & now it has become a tradition of Chetana’s institutes of Management & Research. The objective of the event is to provide a platform for the alumni of Chetana’s to relieve their old memories, go back to the past light-hearted days that they used to spend in the institute and enjoy the event.

The theme for this year’s alumni night was “Digital’’ as the institute wanted to signify the importance of Social media in the day to day lives of people. The “Digital’’ theme also supported Chetana’s endeavour to come up with the alumni portal, thus providing a platform for the launching of the long-awaited portal.

In presence of the Management committee and the gathering of attendees this year the Institute launched its Alumni’s portal, Through the portal the proud alumni’s of Chetana’s all over the world can stay connected with each other and interact both socially & professionally with other alumni’s & perceive a sense of nearness.

The evening started with the ceremony of lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and the members of the managing committee of the Institute, After a nostalgic poem and a few words of wisdom by Director Sir, CIMR, Dr. K.C. Pandey followed by Dean ma’am, Dr. Sunita Srivastava’s. The event was then followed by handing out a token of gratitude to the Institute’s Alumni contributors from the members of the managing committee of Chetana’s trust along with C.E.O ma’am, Director CIMR & CRKIMR and Dean Ma’am. The prestigious Silver jubilee batch of MMS 1989 – 1991 was honoured by Director  Dr. Jayashree Bhakay. C.E.O ma’am Dr. Madhumita Patil expressed the Institute’s initiative of launching the Alumni portal.

The event then continued at the ground where the Alumni’s were happily conversing with their friends, clicking photos, enjoying the dinner with their fellow batch mates, listening to the jolly music and crackers bursting in the beautiful night sky. The main attraction for the evening was the globe set up at the middle of the ground to recognize and honour our Chetana’s esteemed Alumni’s who are currently residing in various countries all over the world.

Reminiscence 2017 ended with the guest’s taking back home a pleasant and joyful memory of the Alumni event organised by the Institute.

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