International Conference


Business Agility : Capabilities and Insights

19th January, 2019

IN THE AREA OF “ Information Technology


Thoughts on the conference by Dr. Kavita Khadse, Assistant Professor, CRKIMR

Business Agility is a common business term that refers to how fast an organization responds to opportunities. Information Technology agility is a measurement of how efficiently the IT infrastructure of an organization can respond to external stimuli. This can mean how effectively it embraces the pressure to change or how successfully it creates a new opportunity.

Technology and the continuing expansion of our digital world have changed marketing for ever. Information about products and services used to be in the control of specialists, marketing and PR communicators who c  hose what detail would be publicised.

IT agility is all about reconfiguring or replacing your information technology systems when new marketplace realities change the way you have to do business and the ability to respond to changes in the external environment through appropriate internal adjustments.

Organizations need more agile financial processes to enable the business to grow. They need rolling budgets and forecasts that better predict and react to evolving market conditions; continuous forecasting and real-time, ad hoc reporting; and process benchmarking that enables action based on that information. To adopt such innovative financial strategies, organizations must embrace an “agile finance” approach.

Research study need to focus on technology as driver for benefits and growth in all functional domains of Business world with latest emerging technologies like Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics & Forecasting Optimization, Business Intelligence / Business Analytics Tools, Knowledge Management, Cloud computing

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