Mr. J. K. Pandey, Chief General Manager, RBI

The Finance Forum of Chetana’s Institutes of Management organized their annual event Arthanaad, on Saturday September 16, 2017. The day was all about Finance, Banking & Capital Markets, and the campus witnessed some of the stalwarts from the financial world.

Chief Guest of Arthanaad Mr. J K Pandey, Chief General Manager, RBI Mumbai, spoke on the changing financial landscape. Broadly he spoke on three areas:

1. What and why RBI does?

2. Convertible economy and

3. Rise of fintech companies.  His session was followed by an extremely enriching Keynote Address by Mr Yatrik R Vin, CFO, NSE.

Mr Yatrik R Vin, CFO, NSE

Key Note Speaker, Mr Yatrik R Vin, CFO, NSE, spoke on the readiness of the Indian Capital Markets and the use of technology in making it more robust.


(From Left to Right) Mr. Aashish Wakankar, Mr. Sanjeev Patkar,, Mr. Purvesh Shelatkar , Mr. Sameer Narayan

The panel discussion on ‘Capital Markets: India Investment Outlook’ witnessed some veterans from the industry :

Mr. Aashish Wakankar, Head- Strategy & International Business, Tata Asset Management Mr. Sanjeev Patkar, Fund Manager- Alternate Investments Fund, SBI Mutual Fund

Mr.  Purvesh Shelatkar – SVP, Centrum Broking

Mr. Sameer Narayan – SVP, Adani Advisory

Guest of Honour, Mr Chunduru Srinivas, Executive Director, Piramal Housing Finance with Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, CRKIMR & CIMR.

The panelist engaged in a vibrant discussion on Capital Markets where they shared the idea that since market is all about greed and fear, the need of the hour is transparency and corporate governance.


Guest of Honour, Mr Chunduru Srinivas, Executive Director, Piramal Housing Finance with Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, CRKIMR & CIMR. Our Guest of Honour regaled the audience with the right mix of Finance & Fun. With a very subtle introduction to deals, mergers and acquisitions, he brought about the concept of Niyath, the pillar of Financial System and popularly known as Ethical Behavioural Finance.

(From Left to Right) Mr. Ashish Kumar Shah – SVP, Axis Bank Mr. Litesh Majethia – SVP & Head Supply Chain Finance, Bank of Baroda Mr. Jitesh Dawda – Associate Director & Sr Wealth Specialist, Standard Chartered Bank Mr. Rahul Juyal – AGM, Union Bank of India

The concluding session of the day was another interesting debate on the Banking Sector where we had distinguished panelists from the industry:

The esteemed panelists deliberated on how banking is no more about lending and receiving, it’s a bouquet of services and technology is all pervasive. Finance is the backbone of a country and it comes with Responsibility. So what started with one R( Regulator)  in the morning culminated to 3 Rs by evening, adding Reform and Responsibility to its fold. The absence of any one R can lead to a Financial Crisis. All the speakers echoed the idea that –

Arthanaad the sound of money should be a symphony and not cacophony” .

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