Challenger 2019

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CHALLENGERthe name itself says it all, this is the most glorified challenge which make people realize their inner strength and the art of standing for their teams. That’s the essence of the Challenger organized by Chetana’s R.K & Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research.

It’s a battleground for the group of people, which help to learn the game of power and togetherness. The Challenger is held every year, at the Institute’s premises with grandeur and seriousness. The purpose is to take out the hidden talent outside which students are blessed with.

The Challenger keeps the moral and spirit of students as well as institute high. This is to train the people to take challenges and learn the tactics to overcome them, this is a event organized by the institute which do not only contain the games to be played but is designed in such a way that students get motivated for working with their own teams and use the available talent within them in right direction.

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