Elixir 2015

Elixir is Chetana’s Annual Industry – Academic interface.
 It is a theme-based event, for which the students select a theme regarding current happenings / issues prevailing in the business world and management Gurus from different sectors are invited for enlightening the young minds. Elixir also has an exciting unique flavour of its own, as it provides a platform for Chetana’s talent to be showcased before the Industry stalwarts. 
The Theme for Elixir 2015 was ….. “The Game Changer”.
This year Elixir aimed at inspiring students to not just becoming Managers or Business Leaders but to explore their full potential and become Mavericks and Game Changers in their own right!
 In the Corporate world where sometimes blindly following fads, trends and strategies of big brands becomes a marketing mantra, OR designing CVs to please HR becomes a norm, OR “trying to fit in” with the group becomes more important than work ethics… the young managers of today need to be urged to find the courage within themselves, to dare and dream differently and transform old practices and become Game Changers in their own right!
The Key Note Speaker was:

Mr. Girish Kuber, Editor, LoksattaMr. Kuber, is a treasure-chest of knowledge, an avid traveller, and a marvellous author. In the span of his speech, he took the audience on a fascinating journey of the Oil world… to the nomenclature history of “Rockel” and “Mercedes Benz”… to Guardian’s story of Jonathan Aitken and the Saudi Prince – all amazing Game Changers!

 The other esteemed Guest Speakers were as follows:

  1. Mr. Parsh Ramanathan, Global Head of Operations, Analytics and Information Management, L&T Infotech. Mr. Ramanathan enriched the students with a great work shop, motivating them to become Game Changers themselves. The students enjoyed the interaction and engagement through interesting activities.
  2. Mr. Kedar Rajadnye – COO – Consumer Products, Piramal Enterprises Ltd. Mr. Rajadnye too, was an instant hit with the young audience as he enthused it with various examples in the form of anecdotes and stories of Game Changers.

As each year, another highlight of Elixir 2015, were the student Role plays. The Role plays portrayed the Elixir Theme in different perspectives and were packed with energy, enthusiasm, innovation and hilarious infotainment!

In the evening it was time for Coffee @ Chetana’s.
Coffee @ Chetana’s is an interactive evening session between Chetana’s Alumni and students, where the Alumni walk down the memory lane and share their experiences over a cuppa coffee.

Elixir 2015 itself became a Game Changer of sorts, as for the first time Coffee @ Chetana’s opened with a classical music performance. The 2 young musicians Mr. Mansoor Khan playing the sitar and Mr. Shinde playing the tabla, overwhelmed the crowd with their splendid recital and received a well-deserved standing ovation. This year our esteemed alumni guests were:-
 1) Mr. Pankaj Ghonge – Deputy Manager, Enterprise and Channel Branding, Emerson

2) Mr. Karan Singh – Area Sales Head, Liabilities Division, Kotak Bank
3) Mr. Tapas Hazari – Senior Service Manager, Citibank
4) Mr. Anand Thakur – Area Head, Super premium cards, HDFC
5) Ms. Amita Tartey – Consultant Recruitment / Special Projects, DCB Bank
6) Mr. Roshan Batheja – Associate Director, Transaction Banking, IDFC Bank

The audience thoroughly enjoyed Coffee @ Chetana’s as the alumni shared some interesting anecdotes from their student years, sported some fun quiz questions and gave invaluable professional advice to students regarding their preparation for future Corporate life.
Thus, Elixir 2015 ended on a high note.

All in all, Elixir is an exciting and enriching experience, as it takes the students, beyond the classroom and imparts management knowledge in a way that makes it interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

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