Elixir – 2017


Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research brings to you its flagship event in its Silver jubilee year. Elixir 2017 – The Future House, an intuitive B-School conclave where industry’s top intellect meet to discuss matters of managerial challenges and how to wrestle with them in the most effective manner.

The Future House, refers to the dynamics that concern and affect the future of Organizations, its managers and their decisions. It encompasses the impact that elements of the said dynamism embody and affect management in entirety.

Managers of the present day live in a vibrant world, full of challenges, but also opportunities. In the era of advanced technology, economic policies, tax reforms, entrepreneurial ideas and innovative business models, the world of business is in constant flux. Young professionals need an improved and profound understanding of this world. In keeping with this thought, Elixir 2017 – The Future house, covers three areas Viz;

  • Leader by Example
  • The Start-up economy – Panel Discussion
  • The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

The future is calling us! Contrary to rumours, it is going to provide abundant opportunities. ‘Leader by Example’ has speakers who would enlighten us about their professional journey with respect to transformation in their work area; challenges and opportunities that come with it – The “Jugaadu” application of converting challenges into opportunities. The session calls on leaders of modern India to share their knowledge and help aspiring future managers achieve their goals.

Many believe the Start-up economy is booming as never before, we have many enthusiastic

Entrepreneurs entering this realm of self-fulfilment. “Start-up Economy” is where we have an interactive discussion to imbibe a superior understanding of the future of the Indian start-up scene.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” is where the focus is on the bottom grid of the Economic Pyramid – the hidden futuristic opportunities lying there and an expert take on the potency of such business models. How young managers can find profit even in what seems to be complete adversity. The India of tomorrow talks about inclusion, where the inclusion is not just about giving products & services for cheap but also being profitable for the companies providing them.

Come join us for the 25th silver jubilee year of what is the melting point of student enthusiasm, knowledge enrichment & industry expertise.


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