HROpSys – 2017 old


People, Process & Technology are the key drivers for innovation and success in any organisation. This can be achieved by an effective union of HR, Operations & Systems (IT) Teams.

In this disruptive business environment, advantage is often earned by pioneers of processes and technology. For survival, organisations have to accept and practice change. Considering this, existing technologies are amended into new and updated ones by the ‘Systems Team’, post which the ‘Operations Team’ gives their valuable inputs on planning and discovering newer ways of integrating these inputs into the business processes. At the same time, it is necessary to efficiently handle change in order to achieve the required stimulation from the employees – to adapt, innovate & implement change. In other words, an efficient and seamless synergy of all these domains are an absolute must for an effective and smooth transition from the existing to the new.

Keeping this in mind, the HR, Operations and Systems forum of Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research present “HROPSYS” – Innovate, Integrate, Motivate”, a day-long symposium, where industry experts as well as students will share their perspectives on some of the key sectors of Real Estate, Retail & Logistics and Healthcare.

The ideology of this year’s theme “INNOVATE. INTEGRATE. MOTIVATE.” is based on the foundation of uniting and conquering business challenges through the creation of synergy between technological innovations, Integration of business practices and managing the resultant change through employee motivation. The event, therefore, aims at exploring innovative ideas in an increasingly disruptive business environment, help reduce gap between academia and industry practices as well incorporate latest relevant concepts in the syllabus and overall skill development activities conducted by the institute.

Come and join us to get a deeper and cross-sectional understanding of these key sectors

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