Induction Programme 2017

Welcomes MMS Batch 2017-19

The Induction Program for the Chetana’s newest M.M.S.(Master of Management Studies) batch 2017-19 was initiated on 18th August,2017. Shri. Shridatta Haldankar (President,Chetana’s), Dr. Madhumita Patil (CEO, CRKIMR & CIMR), Dr. Jayashree Bhakay (Director, CRKIMR), Dr. K.C. Pandey (Director, CIMR) and Dr. Sunita Srivastava (Dean, CIMR) were the dignitaries present for the event. The event was organized by the senior M.M.S. batch 2016-18 under the guidance of Prof. Kavita Khadse. The event began with the formal introduction of the dignitaries on the dais and the lighting of lamp ceremony.

Dr. Bhakay welcomed the new batch with her motivating words. She pointed out how the current batch was a ‘Vibrant Equation’ with a mix of engineers, B.Com and B.M.S. graduates. She further said how a self motivated person goes through the stages of Learning, Acquiring and Delivering and asked the future MBA’s to have an open mind and keep participating in activities. Dr. Srivastava also had some valuable inputs for the students and gave them an overall perspective of the curriculum and the flow of activities to come. Dr. K.C. Pandey suggested the students not to feel inferior to IIM’s and that they have to recognize their own skills.

Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, CRKIMR & CIMR talked about the ‘Philosophy of the Institute’ and how it was the vision of the founder Late. Shri Madhukarrao Chaudhari to provide a platform for affordable management education. She further quoted that before becoming an Entrepreneur, become an Intrapreneur.

Shri. Shridatta Haldankar, President, Chetana’s also shared a few words and asked the students to make best possible use of the resources provided to them.

The event ended with a brief introduction of the faculty members of CRKIMR, CIMR and non-teaching staff and vote of thanks to the dignitaries.

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