International Conference 2019

Organisations, especially B- schools must innovate and deliver more effectively while being willing to change their own models to survive and thrive in the future. The capability of organizations to deliver high-value features and products, fast and responsively while continuously minimizing waiting, waste, and defects is called agility. By being agile, organizations can outlearn and outperform their competition.

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Chetana’s R. K. Institutes of Management and Research believes in developing creating future generation entrepreneurs, business leaders and developing an agile mindset among the students. With this comprehensive ideology, Chetana’s organized the International Conference on Business Agility: Capabilities and Insights on 19th January, 2019.

The conference brought together intellectual personalities who shared abundance of knowledge based on some comprehensive research findings and projects. The dignitaries for the day were: Chief Guest, Mr. George Abraham, CEO & MD, GA Group Singapore; Guest of Honour, Mrs. Ashwini Bhide, IAS & MD, MMRCL and Guest Speaker, Dr. Gopalakrishnan Narayanmurthy, Faculty, The Agility Centre, University of Liverpool, Management School, UK.

Mrs. Ashwini Bhide took the audience on a journey of Managing Urban Mega Infrastructure Project with reference to Mumbai Metro 3. She emphasized on how agility equipped all stakeholders to meet the various challenges in the mammoth project and also maintain Metro 3 as a ‘Green Project’. Mr. George Abraham discussed with special reference to China and Singapore how Internationalisation and Economic Transformations make countries agile. Mr. Gopalakrishnan Narayanmurthy narrated the developing Strategies & Solutions for Successful Supply Chain Management and Satellite Big Data Analytics for Agile Humanitarian Supply Chain Management with a real time case study of Kerela Disasters.

The Conference had researchers presenting 36 research papers in four parallel tracks and finally the valedictory session where the best research papers from the tracks were awarded.

The event was a thorough learning experience for everyone, strengthening research and learning capabilities

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