International Conference 2021


Harnessing India’s Resources to make India Self-Reliant
in collaboration with ASEAN countries
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While everyone got comfortable with online classes, there was a need for an intellectual learning mechanism to groom the students and keep them thinking in a virtually oriented environment.

The international conference at Chetana was the perfect opportunity to encourage the students to participate, present, digitally witness and learn about not just one but four different areas of expertise. The discussions and learnings of the conference mainly revolved around “Harnessing India’s Resources to make India Self-Reliant in collaboration with ASEAN countries”.

The conference began with the address of our Guest of Honour, Prof. CH. Ibohal Meitei followed by the keynote address by Mr. K. V. Rao from Singapore who deliberated on India’s capability to achieve self-reliance and in collaboration with other countries. We were honoured by the presence of Mr. George Abraham, from Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), as our Chief Guest.

For our Supply Chain conclave, we had great speakers like Dr. Chalong Suktong, Mr. Khin Maung Soe, Mr. Ishantor Sobhapandit, and Mr. Krishan K. Batra. There was a thorough discussion on the “India-ASEAN Connectivity & Global Value chain”. The leaders spoke at length with our students about Myanmar’s preference towards China for trade, possibilities of enhancing cultural ties, the impact of trade agreements on the financial markets of the countries, etc.

The ASEAN summit was graced by the presence of six distinguished speakers like Mr. George Abraham, Mr. Laldinkim Sailo, Mr. Lourembam Bikram, IAS Dr. Sriparna Baruah, Mr. Dato Ramesh Kodamal, and Prof. Ch. Ibohal Meitei. Discussions on Organic farming and export potential of the North-Eastern states, land road projects under construction, potentials of Bamboo cultivation in the North East, and how improved connectivity can be brought about by highways and digital gateways, were discussed. It kept our students engrossed, waiting for more.

The Agri-Business and Pharmaceutical Conclave imbibed great enthusiasm and courage in our students to think in terms of a self-reliant Agriculture and Pharmaceutical base in India. Dr.  Roy and Dr. Phadke addressed the trade deficit situation in our country, the presence of an innovative eco-system, and agribusiness start-ups.  Mr. Koustubh Kanade, Mr. Mudda, Mr. Deborshi Moitra, and Mr. Daara Patel spoke at length about nutraceuticals and immunity, government regulations and norms, and vaccinations.

Overall, it was a very enthusiastic, interest-driven, and enriching opportunity for our students. At Chetana’s we don’t miss any chance to help our students grow and acquire new skills and learn more about the industry to become better future leaders and we promise to keep it going.

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