International Conference 2021

Chetna`s R. K. Institute of Management & Research




Harnessing India’s Resources to make India Self-Reliant in collaboration with ASEAN countries

It is a Virtual Conference to be held on 23rd February 2021.

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Background on the Theme of the conference :

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of the world’s supply chains for medicines and medical products, food, energy, vehicles, telecom equipment, electronics, and countless other goods. This conference will provide opportunity to deliberate on the issues related to India’s current policy of achieving growth through self-reliance.

India’s Manufacturing sector potential & Self- Reliance: India’s manufacturing sector could become an engine for economic growth and jobs—if it can specialize. High-potential value chains could more than double its manufacturing GDP in a few years

Self – Reliance in Agriculture: India cannot become Self-Reliant unless the farmers and Agriculture sector becomes self –reliant. According to Niti- Aayog, for India to achieve 9-10 per cent GDP growth there is a need for revolution in the farm sector. This conference will attempt to spread good agriculture practice and success stories of farmers across the country.

Self -Reliance in association with ASEAN countries: India’s policy has been adapting collaborative measures to restore its traditional links and integrate India with its immediate and extended neighbourhood specifically the countries of South-East Asia.

Across the ASEAN markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – a combined USD 10.7 billion opportunity for ASEAN markets to optimise exports to India, with goods making up USD 8.8 billion of the total.

Exploring Trade Opportunities between North-Eastern Region of India and Singapore: India’s north-eastern region (NER) is endowed with various sorts of fruits, vegetables, and other agro-products, and has the potential to be a sunrise zone for food processing and other agri-businesses. Immense opportunities present in food processing in the region.

For this conference, our supporting partners are :

A- Knowledge Partners :

  • Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore
  • Entrepreumer Development Institute, Manipur University.
  • Association of International Wealth Management of India.

B. Industry Partners :

      – Keshari Industries

      – North East Handicrafts & Handlooms Corporation Ltd

C.  Media Partner – Business Standard :

The conference will have participation of eminent speakers from India and ASEAN countries. There will be panel discussions on topics related India’s challenges in respect of ‘Manufacturing’ & ‘Supply Chain’ in the industries of Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals & Electronics. Conference will have active participation from Academicians, Faculty, Industry associations, Corporates, NGO’s and students.

Large number of Research Papers will be presented during the conference on variety of topics related to the Theme of the conference.

Faculty Development Programmes: As a part of conference we are organising several Faculty Development Programmes in subject areas of interest to everyone.

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