VIPANAN – 2017 old


In a widely proliferated, overcrowded and cluttered market where brands are jostling with each other for attention, some brands manage to make their presence felt and generate a following among consumers. How? The answer lies in what has become a buzzword for some marketers – ‘consumer evangelism’ and what drives it!

Every Marketer dreams of creating evangelists for their brands. This evangelism comes when one consumer shares his/her rich experience with other consumers in a way that takes the brand closer to building brand loyalty.

With a view to explore this all critical dimension of marketing, the marketing forum of Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research, Vipanan, present a day-long marketing conclave, “Vipanan: Towards Consumer Evangelism”, where industry experts from across various sectors will dwell deeper in this area, with a view to enlighten us with rich insights.

If one is unfamiliar with it, consumer evangelism might sound a bit gimmicky, but, it is less gimmick and more strategy. When someone recommends a new restaurant or a pair of shoes or for that matter anything, they are acting as ‘evangelists’. The question is how does one drive evangelism among consumers? It is easier said than done. During this one-day symposium, experts will throw light on this all critical question through two critical aspects that build and drive consumer evangelism – “Consumer Engagement” and “Creative Disruption”.

In “Consumer Engagement”, experts will talk about the various methods and initiatives adopted by them to engage and delight consumers and have them participate in the evolution of the brand.

In “Creative Disruption”, the experts’ focus will be to discuss the disruptive strategies that signal a departure from the norm and the conventional boundaries. In the realm of disruptive marketing, smart marketers and advertising agencies that think out-of-the-box and media agencies that employ a range of innovative solutions are the ones that get consumers to talk about the brand and generate lasting following for it.

Come and join us in this fascinating exploration of this new world order in marketing.

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