About Founder President

Late Shri. Madhukarrao D.Chaudhari

Chetana’s R K Institute of Management and Research, is the fruit of the vision of its Founder-President, Lokasevak Late Shri Madhukarraoji Chaudhari who was a noted Gandhian, Freedom Fighter and Honorable Speaker of Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly. He is renowned for his illustrious and unblemished political career over three decades, as an erudite and farsighted reformer. He headed many ministries of the Government of Maharashtra including Finance, Education, Irrigation, Urban Development, Health, Forest and Cultural affairs.

He was a visionary who believed in nation building by establishment of efficient and effective systems and institutions.  He played a pioneering role in the establishment of many of today’s well known institutions like MMRDA, Film-City, FTII, Bal Chitravani, Maharashtra Patyapustak Mandal (known for Balbharati and Kumarbharati books), North Maharashtra University and many others.  As the President of Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, he strove for the propagation of Hindi and to get Hindi recognized as a global language and one of the official languages of business at the United Nations.  He was the pioneer of the Mahatma Gandhi International Vishwa Hindi University, at Wardha, Maharashtra.

A staunch believer in the principles of the Sarvodaya Movement, he worked for the welfare and upliftment of the tribal communities by establishing the ‘Satpura Vikas Mandal’ in the Satpura ranges of north Maharashtra.   His seven-point program for social development, well known as ‘Saptapadi’ was based on the core value of inclusion.  The Saptapadi focused on the areas including Youth Development, Women Empowerment, Employment Generation, Health and wellbeing of the newborn and mother, tribal development and Sanitation.

His work as the Education Minister is considered as the most significant of his contributions to Maharashtra State.  It was his ardent belief that education is not just the acquisition of qualifications but also the inheritance of the value system that helps to influence human behaviour, with the objective of transforming society for achieving peace, harmony and prosperity. His thoughts and ideas on the then state of education and its future stand vindicated today.

He envisaged an India where value based quality education was accessible to all sections of society. With this objective he established a network of educational institutions and facilities at all levels from the tribal regions of Pal in the foothills of the Satpura (Khandesh) right up to the vibrant city of Mumbai.  Chetana Trust the parent body of CRKIMR is one amongst the many such institutions founded by him, in order to make quality education accessible to the masses.

His ideals of inclusion, excellence and moral probity have always been the guiding principles at Chetana.

 “नवे वर्ष, नवी उमेद, नवे वातावरण, ताजे तवाने मन, नवे मनसुबे अशा उत्साही वातावरणात करूया नव्या शैक्षणिक वर्षाची सुरवात”.

मधुकरराव चौधरी.


  1. Founder of 50 Educational Institutions in the State of Maharashtra.
  2. A visionary, philanthropist and a firm believer of Education making a difference to the society and the nation at large.
  3. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Maharashtra.
  4. Served the State of Maharashtra for close to 5 decades handling more than 13 significant portfolios as Minister, including 10 consecutive years as Minister of Education.
  5. Presented the White Paper on the 10+2+3 model that has now become the template of Higher Education across the country.
  6. Founder Chairman of Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha