Aagaman – The Induction Programme

  • The new batch is welcomed into the institute with a formal induction event. The aim of the event is to acquaint the incoming students with the course, the institute, and teaching as well the non-teaching staff at the institute.
  • Further it is a platform used to create awareness about the Vision, Mission, and Values of the Institute among the students of the incoming batch.
  • It makes the incoming batch aware of the MMS course, as well as the academic guidelines from the Mumbai University, AICTE, and Chetana’s RK Institute of Management and Research.
  • Students are also informed about the Library, e-library, and other IT services and software that are available to students during the course.

Adios – The Farewell Event

  • Adios the farewell event is conducted every year for the outgoing batch.
  • The event is a celebration which is held after the students conquer various obstacles as a unit and reach the climax of their MMS journey! The Farewell is conducted with a cultural programme and is followed by the dance evening for the batch.

The Convocation Ceremony

  • Chetana’s Ramprasad Khandelwal Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai conducts its convocation ceremony every year for the batch at the Institute’s Auditorium.
  • Students turn professionals as they receive their MMS degree on this particular occasion.
  • Amidst much anticipation and excitement of the alumni and the faculty alike, the convocation usually commences with great pomp and show.

Reminiscence - The Alumni Meet

  • Our alumni have always had a special bond with the institute and they are the true ambassadors of the brand Chetana’s.
  • The institute ensures multiple forums to engage with the alumni in a meaningful and enriching way.
  • The alumni meet is a wonderful bridge that connect the alumni with the institute.
  • Alumni meet is an event that brings back all the alumni from past and provides a brilliant opportunity to network as well as to relive the older memories.
  • The institute as well as our alumni look forward to this evert every year.