Challenger Sports and Cultural Meet

  • Challenger is the annual sports and cultural meet held every year at the Institute’s premises with grandeur and gusto.
  • The purpose of Challenger is to not only provide students an opportunity to bring out their hidden talents, but also encourage teamwork and sportsmanlike behaviour.The event witnesses very enthusiastic participation from the students of both the senior and junior batches.
  • The sports event, planned entirely by the non-teaching staff of the Institute includes a variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities and competitions for both boys and girls, is designed in a way that students are motivated for working cohesively and use the available talent in their teams in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Challenger helps to keep high, the morale and spirit of students as well as institute.
  • Report on : Challeger 2024

Odyssey - The Annual Excursion

  • One of the most awaited event of the course is the annual excursion, Odyssey.
  • Odyssey takes students away from the classic college set up and put them in a different environment which helps in bringing different flavor to the learning and team building.
  • Solving problems in teams and working together with each other is critical skill for managers.
  • The annual excursion is designed with the idea of teaching these skills to the students in a different set up, with different tools and a different pedagogy.