Specialisation Clubs

  • Specialisation clubs is an initiative that has earned accolades from the students.
  • These clubs are used to conduct activities that are inclined towards specific specializations.
  • These clubs create a platform for conducting activities which add to the learning from the classroom based teaching.
  • These activities are conducted in groups thus helping students in building positive group dynamics, along with the subject matter learning.


  • Elixir is our General Management event that focuses on organisational philosophy, strategies, culture, leadership focus and behaviour.
  • It is one of the first events that every batch gets to experience as they begin their MMS journey at CRKIMR.
  • The event is planned as a unique blend of learning and fun through which students are initiated into the dynamics of the business world that awaits them beyond the campus.

StrataViz – Chetana’s B-plan Competition

  • Chetana’s R. K. Institute of Management Studies and Research has always endeavored to build an entrepreneurial culture on the campus through various activities, events, and sessions.
  • In line with this mission, a B-plan Competition is scheduled every year for the the first-year MMS batch that tests the mettle of students in a holistic manner, as they go about building a B-plan for a start-up idea.
  • The competition hones the skills of students in multidisciplinary domains while testing their hypothesis and execution planning for a start-up.
  • This year StrataViz was conducted over a three weeks window with final day being the 14th of May 2022.


  • Chetana’s R.K Institute of Management and Research every year hosts KCS (Khandelwal Case Study), the annual event which is renowned across management schools.
  • The event sees exciting participation from students and is considered very competitive.
  • The event is based on a case study which is given by a corporate partner. This is a live case which touched multi-disciplinary aspects of the business.
  • The event offers attractive prizes to the winners and has a rolling trophy which is handed over to the winning team.

Arthanaad - The Finance Forum

  • Arthanaad is CRKIMR’s Finance forum event covering achievements, challenges and prospects in financial markets and institutions.
  • The event aims to not only provide domain specific inputs to students specialising in finance but also to encourage financial literacy among students of other specialisations.
  • An all inclusive approach is used at Arthnaad to cover issues related to institutional investors, retail investors and general public at large.
  • The agenda is to make everyone well informed with the complexities of financial world.

Vipanan - The Marketing Forum

  • Vipanan is the Markeing forum activity which endeavours to present to students the insights regarding challenges and developments in the field of marketing.
  • Theme based event provides an opportunity to students for exploring latest developments in markets and marketing in a wide array of domains.
  • Vipanan is a known brand in the B-school circuit in the city, and is one of the most coveted event on the campus.


  • HROPSys is the common event for the HR, Operation and System specialization students.
  • The event is an annual competition that tests the mettle of students in their respective specialization.
  • The event is usually based on a problem statement or brief case that students are expected to work around for a few weeks.
  • The teams go through multiple evaluation and elimination rounds before presenting their solutions to a set of industry stalwarts who judge their presentations and give them feedback to improve.
  • The HROpSys event is one of the most sought after event for the students from the three specializations.

Guest Lectures

  • To keep students abreast with the business world, and how different businesses are navigating the challenges on a day to day basis, Chetana’s conduct regular guest lectures which are delivered by corporate executives which bring the real-time flavour of business problems and solutions to the students.
  • Guest lectures are conducted by executives from mid-level to senior leadership and covers topics which are multi-disciplinary in nature.

Alumni Speak

  • Chetana’s RK Institute of Management and Research is proud to have an alumni network of more than 4000, which is one of the biggest in Mumbai, as well as in the country.
  • Our alumni are well positioned in large corporates and contributing to the society as well in more than one way.
  • It is thus always a great honour to host alumni for a talk with our students. This helps students get a view of life after Chetana’s.