Library Facility old

“Our life is shaped by our mind
Our mind is shaped by what we read
What we read is what we think
And! What we think is
what we become”

It is well stocked over 23,401 books and audio-visual materials. It has subscription to over 100 (72 Indian, 28 International), periodicals and business magazines. 
The large database of annual reports of companies, handbooks, encyclopedias and product profiles, etc. is managed by a software package called ‘TCSiON ERP’ of the finest economic database which enables students to effectively carry out a well-researched project.

E-Journal – Chetana’s library has subscribed for Online Database from ProQuest. This gives access to 11,423 Full Time Journals & 500 Abstract Journals.

The library, which is the focal point of the Institute, offers latest management books, foreign and Indian business journals, case study folios, periodicals, audio video cassettes and CD-ROMs.  The library has subscribed to powerful and versatile electronic corporate databases from ProQuest, J-Gate Research,  Industry Database – CRISIL Research,  Capitaline,  ACE Equity and a collection of foreign online journals.

Library also has encyclopedia and latest journals etc. Keeping the collection up-to-date in terms of vastness and depth of content is a continuous process. Providing support at every step and with extensive working hours, our library has truly become the Temple of Learning.


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